Tom Ecker Keynote Speaker

Ecker has made presentations to athletes, sports leaders, executives, sales professionals, cruise ship passengers and convention and conference attendees. Below are samples of what audiences and clients say about Tom.

"I sit through about as many speeches as I give. Some of them are enjoyable, others are ... well, long. My least-favorite talks to give or to hear come after dinner.
"The hardest audience is elite runners, who can sit still about as long as the average eight-year-old. This summer I sat in on an after-dinner speech by Tom Ecker. He spoke to the invited runners at the Fifth Season race in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He was last on the program that already had run long. His audience was restless. His topic was historical, and these runners weren't concerned with looking back, but ahead to the next day's race. Yet, Ecker won them over with his material and with his story-telling skill.
"Even hyperactive eight-year-olds like to hear a good tale well told. He pulled them back into the past by bringing it to life."
...from Joe Henderson's Running Commentary

"It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation endorsing Tom Ecker. His knowledge of the Olympics is vast, his speaking style is engaging and entertaining and his ability to connect with his audience is excellent.
"As an Organizational Development Consultant and Meeting Planner, I am always looking for speakers for leadership programs for executives and for sales conferences. By the very nature of their professions, these groups are typically demanding audiences. Speakers for these groups must be able to relate with this audience by providing pertinent, relevant information in crisp and entertaining way. Tom Ecker can do this. Tom is high on my list of speakers that I would select for our programs and recommend to my associates."
...from a Meeting and Conference Planner

"I can say without reservations that Tom Ecker presented us with the finest program I've heard in 15 years."
...from a Meeting Organizer

"Tom was the highlight of the convention. I heard nothing but good comments about his speech."
...from a Meeting Organizer

"Ecker was an athlete, Olympic coach and has been a spectator in many of the Olympic games, giving him a unique perspective of the games. However, there are four things that make Tom a unique speaker on athletes and the Olympic program. He has an absolute passion for the Olympics, he has an outstanding collection of Olympic photographs, numerous interviews with present and past Olympic athletes, officials provide him with a wealth of behind-the-scenes stories and facts, and his presentations are relaxed and humorous."
...from a Cruise Ship Passenger

"Tom Ecker has been our speaker on three different occasions. The audience reaction was overwhelming each time."
...from a Meeting Organizer

"We make it a point to recommend Tom's sessions to our fellow passengers. Over the years I've had the opportunity to attend many conferences, dinners and other speaking engagements. Tom is on par with the best we've heard, and is far superior to many of the others."
...from a retired State Agency Executive

"Tom is very articulate, interesting and entertaining. He brought up many, many facts about the Olympians and the games that we had never heard about, or maybe had heard about, that turned out not to be the entire truth or were out and out fabrications. We never tired of hearing him speak."
...from a Cruise Ship Passenger