Tom Ecker giving keynote address

Tom Ecker is an expert on the Olympics and can use his knowledge as a base to customize a presentation to meet your specific goals. The Olympics are about winning, motivation, perseverance and losing with grace. You don't have to be a sports fan to appreciate his stories and analogies (see recommendations).

Sales conferences
Motivation and winning are keys to sales success. Can you think of any better analogies than the Olympics?

Motivation and Leadership
What better source of inspiration than the Olympics? From the improbable to the impossible, Ecker has stories that will fascinate, motivate and resonate with you and the audience.

Ecker's tremendous depth of knowledge of the Olympics positions him to talk to your group with relevant, focused material in a presentation style that allows him to connect with his audience.

Not only is Ecker an Olympic coach, historian and expert, he is a first class raconteur and he is downright funny! He makes his points with humor and warmth. From cruise ship passengers to industry leaders, Ecker connects and his audiences love him.